Niraamaya Centre was founded on the premise that we must take a holistic approach to treating our clients' health. The centre provides holistic wellness services that specializes in different areas of health requirements. Our practitioners will evaluate your health as a whole to treat any physical or mental ailments you may be experiencing.

Meet Our Practitioners

Penelope Booth

Penny has over 32 years of clinical experience as a naturopathic practitioner. She is passionate about helping her clients heal so that they can live well.
Penny started in health care working as a registered nurse in the UK. She then moved to Australia to study Naturopathy because she was interested in learning about holistic approaches to treating people. Her training also incorporated herbs, nutrition, homeopathy, and supplementation.
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Dr. Thananpat Akarawarin

Dr. Thananpat is a Traditional Chinese medicine partitioner with experience practicing at the Niraamaya Centre and Samitivej Hospital.
Dr. Thananpat is Traditional Chinese medicine doctor registered with the Thailand Ministry of Health. She is passionate about helping her clients achieve balance in their physical and mental health through traditional healing techniques. Primarily through acupuncture and cupping, she is able to treat numerous chronic physical and mental ailments.
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